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Dallas Farmers Market

Since it first took place in 1941, the Dallas Farmers Market has provided unique farm-fresh foods, arts and crafts, and a variety of other goods to the people of the city and the surrounding area. It exists as a unique site of country in the middle of this bustling modern city, and shoppers flock from all around to check out everything from organic produce to multicultural artistry. It is open every day year-round and lies adjacent to the Harvest and Taylor Lofts properties that offer luxury apartments and restaurant retail space on the bottom floor.

Besides the lofts and their associated retail establishments, the Dallas Farmers Market has two distinct sections: The Market and The Shed. The Market covers 26,000 square feet. Some of the main draws to this part include four unique restaurants and a wide selection of food vendors that offer everything from fresh butchered meet and seafood to artisan cheese and local wines. Shopping opportunities offer housewares, handcrafted goods, Texas rustic decor, natural soaps and candles, and more. Don’t forget to check out this place in Dallas too.

The other side of the property matches the classic idea of a farmers market more closely. The Shed and community garden focuses on open air stalls of produce, range-raised meats, eggs, honey, and produced food like bread, canned goods, and other tasty treats. More than a dozen different vendors are there on a regular basis from diverse farms, wineries, and specialty growers across the region. Whether you have a craving for goat cheese, chipotle steak rub, oyster mushrooms, or okra, you can find it here at the Dallas Farmers Market. Seasonal events like a pumpkin patch, happy hour, and holiday specials are on the calendar. If you are in looking for a roofing contractor, click here.

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